Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guiness Record

Well as everybody in IT do, I also changed my company after 3 years of stint with ITTI. New company, new faces and new enviornment. But what not changed is the work. Start tapping the keyboard the moment you enter the office...ufff. But new challenges, that is what makes the current work interesting.

Well its been 3 months since i made my last post. Thats quite a long gap. From now I should be making atleast one post a month. It seems making promises, wont ever work with me. Hmm..still I will try.
Enough about me, now let me get into what am here for. This time am gonna share with you an interesting real life incident my collegue shared with me. It’s worth writing here, you would be enjoying the post..Again promises!!! And as usual I shall try to make it interesting.

My collegue, is born an bought up in a remote village in Andra Pradesh. He says, those who had a chance to live in villages would have enjoyed the most of their child hood days. I completely agree with him, I treasure the memories of my school vactions at my moms place. I consider those as my best in my life.

My freind lemme call him as HK, is intelligent and is a kind of guy who asks many of the questions when it comes to tasks or working with new technology. One day after the Knowledge Transfer section, he came to me and we were discussing about technology. For some reason we slipped into our childhood days.
In childhood days our Raju was attracted much towards the Doordashan serials like Giant Robot and Guinness Book of world records. He was much particular about the Guinness book. He would not ever miss an episode of it. By seeing all the records created by people, he also wanted to get one on his name. He in fact had spent much time in burning his grey cells to find a much convincing way of getting a record of his own. After examining many options he decided to train a cock(read it as a male hen) to fly. He would be the only guy in the world who has a cock which can fly long distance.

It was festival time in his village. Usually as in any village in South India, they also got the famous Cock fight tournaments.

His neighbor has bought one cock aiming to win such a tournament. It was quite a huge cock, very muscular. Raju targeted this cock. He wanted to train it to fly. It was a vacation time for him, as usual in his villag.e people used to sleep for a while after having lunch. I guess this is a kind of habit for people in every village in India. He decided to use this time to train that cock for his record dream.

HK tried to catch the cock, well, the cock was much difficult to catch and as it is fighter. Our HK got enough from it. Somehow he managed to catch hold of the bird. He went to the terrace of his house, he also took a jute rope to tie the cock. One end of the rope was in his hand and the other end tied on one of the bird’s leg. He dropped the bird from the terrace. The fighter cocks have got a different body shape. Their wings are very short, but the leg and the neck are quite big. Their body fits for a fighter, and they never fly. The poor thing was trying to keep itself floating in air by beating its wings. But the fanning was not enough to keep its weight and literarilly was falling very fast. The rope was not having enough length to touch the ground. The bird was hanging. He pulled it up and repeated the same act for few more time. He was done with a day,s training and was confident that the bird would fly to some distance in a couple of week.

He did the training excersice for 8 days. On ninth day he found it very easy to catch the bird, it was sick and was not even in a position to stand. He decided to do training only two times for the day. This time he have a longer rope. He took the bird to the terrace, he dropped it. It didnt even fanned its wings. It fell very steep, and banged on to the ground. The body of the bird shook for few times and then no movement happend after that. He pulled it up. The bird was dead.

He didnt know what to do. He threw it down again and went downstairs, picked it up and kept it near to a bench in his neighbour’s compound. He was much disappointed, he couldnt reach upto the record. After few hours, he could hear the old granny of the neighbour’s house shouting. She was alleging, somebody had killed it and was showering abuses on the person who would have killed it.

HK also went to the neighbours and aslo joined with those people blaming the guy who had killed the bird.
His record dream ended there, but the thrive to do something different still pesists in him. Amasingly intelligent, he dives deep into every thing he gets. I should say, I found myself in awkard situation sometimes when I was not able to answer his queries.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to live in Bangalore with Rs 10 in hand

As usual it was month end. No money in bank and no money in hand also. Well its the last day of the month, the day we used to get salary. I've got Rs 20 with me. How do I cater to my expenses for the day?

I usually used to go by auto rickshaw. That day i cant afford going by rick. I got into a BMTC bus to Lal bagh (gottu pay Rs 8). My office is about two kilo meters away from lalbagh. Took out my mobile head set, switch own my music player in my mobile and started walking. In 18 minutes i reached my office...Wow pretty good 2 kms and 18 minutes.

Reaching office, my first activity is to go to the petty shop. I cant start a day in office with out a good smoke..I just threw my eyes to find my friends there. Yes, I can see one of my colleague enjoying his smoke. I joined him, one cigarette was burned off. And my generous friend paid for my cigarette.

Well we used to come down from our office atleast 5 times for smoking. All the time I managed to get it paid by my friends.

It was lunch time. Lunch at our cafeteria would cost Rs 30. What was left with me? 12 Rs. I decided to go out with my friends. They used to go out. And as I was seldom out side goer, my friends paid for my lunch too.

Well with Rs 12, I gottu return home. I waited for my friend who goes my route on bike. Well I used to give him a company every day in evenings. Thus I saved my bus / auto fare for that day.

Reaching my place, I usually used to have tea from a bakery. I got Rs 12 with me. I had one tea and Paid Rs 2 for that. What left with me is Rs 10.

I manage to live with Rs 10, in Bangalore for the first time. Usually it used to be 100 - 200 a day. We used to prepare dinner at our home, nothing to bother about it.

A day with Rs 10 and that too in Bangalore is the biggest achievement.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beware!!! Gals are big time pranksters

Guys always fall victims to sweet talks by gals. However tough the guys are; they are prone to all kind of blarney by gals. Well gals are you in agreement with me. Hear from me, a real incident, this happened in my early days in Bangalore.

I used to stay in Indira Nagar, this particular day I went to meet my friend in Madiwala. BMTC buses were my only commuting medium in those days. Well am returning back to my adda in Indira Nagar. I boarded on to a 201M bus. While in initial days, I used to get confused with these 201 busses. It took long time for me to understand those route codes. Well some of the 201 almost takes you for a full sightseeing trip around Bangalore. 201M would directly take me to Indira Nagar.

It was a weekend and there was no much rush in the bus. Almost all the seats were empty. From Koramangala water tank, two gorgeous gals got into the bus and they sat behind me. They started talking, (A universal fact, when two gals meet, they would be having lot to gossip), they were talking my language; Malayalam. Ooops, I was eager to see their faces and turned back. Hmm they never looked like mallus. Yeah the Bangalore effect, they've become polished. As I was sitting alone and I don't have anything else to do in the bus, I started overhearing their conversation.

Let me call them as Lakshmi and Meenakshi. And their subject was a guy and let me call him Gopalan.

Meenakshi: "You know, this guy Gopalan is giving me tough time at work. He always overloads me with work."

Laskshmi: "He is you team leader, how can you expect him to be lenient?"

Meenakshi: "Am a gal, he could at least consider that."

Lakshmi: "Well, let's give him a big treat. You do a sweet talk with him."

Meenakshi: "What? To him? He is hard hearted..I don't think he would fall in that. He thinks he is the only person who works in XYZ Company"

Lakshmi: "Lets give a try meenu"

Meenakshi: "OK, let me call him"

Meenakshi: "Hi, Gopal..this is Meenakshi here. How are you doing?"


"Well, I got some queries regarding the assignment you gave me last day"


"Ha ha ha, we also used to spend some time on our official works in weekends"


"Ok..wassup? wats going on this weekend"


"So u r cooking now..I know what you bachelors cook…it must be 'Kanji and payar' (rice soup / rice pudding and cerals)"


"Well, ask us…we are experts in that…a mutual deal…u help us in our work and we would give you expert on cooking"


"ha ha ha…can we meet sometime in evening for a coffee…if you are not busy…well I know am not in your good books…excuse me if I over said something"…


"wow…that's cool…can we meet at 100 ft road Coffee Day.. "


"Yeah in Indira Nagar..at 5'O clock.."


"Thank you thank you gopal..so sweet of you..then we will meet in coffee day.."


"bye..take care"

Lakshmi: "I said, he would fall…well I know guys.."

Meenakshi: "Hey, u've to come with me…am scared of this guy.."

Lakshmi: "Don't worry, we will manage it"…

And the conversation is goin on on and on

Well the devil in me got disturbed. I should do something. I pull out my phone and send a message to my roommate saying 'Pick my call and you just hear to what am saying. Don't cut unless I hang up the call'. After a moment I called him. My voice is raised enough to get these gals attention....and the whole conversation is in malayalam..he is not Gopalan anyways

"Hello, Gopalan…why no news from you these days"


"Well..Is your kanji and Payar cooking completed?"

Break…he he he I realized, the gals have stopped talking and were hearing me.

"Well I know it buddy.."


"By the way, you got a date today isn't it?"


"Ha ha ha…I know it man…"


"I donno her.."


"I've got extra sense buddy…meet me before you go for the date.."


"Well…We have to discuss before you go for date"


"ok maaan…I'll meet you in ur room".

Now am listening to the gals. Well no sound from them. Nothing…but big silence..I just kept my posture up..Never tried to turn around or look at them..

Bus has reached Domlur, and the gals have to get down here. They could've gone towards the back door, it was near for them. Instead they were heading to the front door. Reaching the door, they turned at me. I was wearing a devilish smile. They were also smiling, but it's not a smile though. They got down from the bus with puzzled look.

He he he, I could also play pranks.

I donno what happened after that. But one thing for sure, Meenakshi would had a tough time and obviously our poor Gopalan would have been in his heaven.

Well…another important tip for the guys.

If you find any of the gals collapsing in a meeting, go rush to them and do the required help. But bear in mind, this should not develop any kind of sympathy towards them. I heard, gals could easily fake illness just to get attention and sympathy. Thanks to my friend for educating me with these tips.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two minutes blackout

I really don't know what happened to those two minutes in my life.

It was a Sunday evening and I was supposed to catch a bus to Bangalore at 8.30 PM. Though was busy with the whole days happenings I somehow managed to reach the bus station at 8.20 PM. Thanks to my bro-in-law. He drove the car very skillfully to take me to the bus station on time. All went in vain.

Well the bus is KSRTC Airavath Volvo. And usually the conductor would be scrutinizing the tickets before we board in the bus. On this particular day, I didn't find the conductor at the door steps. Its already 8.25, so I thought of finding my seat first and then show my tickets to the conductor. Mine was seat no 14. I put my baggage in the rack above the seat. I made myself comfortable in my seat.

There comes another guy. He also claims the seat is his. Whaat???. We started arguing. The conductor came and asked us to show the tickets. He examined the other guy's ticket and just returned it back. He then looked at my ticket. A wicked smile appeared on his face. He said, 'Buddy, the seat no is correct and the bus no is the same. But your journey date is tomorrow'.

I just clinched the ticket from him and looked at the date. 'Oh Maaan'…He is right. I really donno what happened next? The baggage was with me and I found myself standing out of the bus station with the tickets in hand. What all can I remember is the laughter of the people inside the bus.

I tried to recall what happened in those two minutes. I really can't get what happened. Two minutes are blank in my life. How I grabbed my bag? How I sallied out of the bus? I really don't know.

Now I called my manager. The worst part was to convince him. He happened to read my blog on morning blues. When I called him, the first question came was 'Did u miss the buss?' Well well am in deep trouble. I was cursing that moment which made me write the post on morning blues. You can't be honest enough on a public blog!!!. Well I somehow convinced him what really happened.

When I reach my home, all were looking at me. I can see the 'wonder' expression on their faces. I explained them the whole happenings. They started laughing. My mamma was concerned whether it would affect my job. My sisters were pacifying me and convincing me that it happens sometimes. My kid nephew was not happy, coz he got to hear me saying 'Write 5 properly on your work book'. (He can't write 5, instead he draws a star).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cooking is an art

They say “Men who say they don’t know cooking; consider their wives as slaves. And women who pretend negligent to cooking are dominant wives.”

Hmm I don’t want to get into the first category; neither my roommates. We all got a passion in cooking. Rather speaking we always showed interest in doing culinary experiments. Most of the time it proved to be good and some other time we found ‘Cooking is injurious to health’.

When we started we all thought; cooking is nothing but cutting vegetables/meat and boiling. Later with our experience we realized timing and discipline is really required to bring forth a yummy dish. Hey!! Am not claiming us as seasoned cooks. We are not. But I would like to put some funny experience we had with our ‘Passion of Cooking’.


The idea was that of Praveen. Though a mallu, he is born and bought up in Delhi. He being a North Indian, we all decided to make pulav under his stewardship. So he is the ‘Chief Chef’ of the day. He started giving us the instructions. Asked us to cut the vegetables, wash the rice, and wash the cooker and so on. We all did those with utmost respect to our chef.

He started making it. We all were wandering around the kitchen to get the glimpse of the receipe and the procedure. He seems to be very confident and doing the things with heavy concentration. We thought of not bothering him. We were all waiting for the pulav to malinger on.

Finally he came out of the kitchen. He said ‘Five minutes guys and the pulav is all yours’. We were sure that it would taste good (He has proved his culinary skills already with Sambar and other varieties)

Time came for us to eat the pulav. We don’t have a dining table in our room, rather speaking we don’t have space for a dining table. So we used to sit on floor to have our food; the typical ‘mallu’ style. We did all the initial arrangements (spreading news papers and washing the plates n glasses). The cooker is still not open. Praveen opened it. He did put his nose inside the cooker. Hey ‘where is his head?’. He is still trying to catch the smell of the great pulav he has made. No smell of pulav. But still it should taste pulav. We all got our share on to our plates.

I had a mouthful, “maaan”. I was looking at other guys. They also were wearing same kind of expression. What does it taste like? I really can’t put those in words. If at all I try, it would be like ‘Eating raw rice with raw vegetable parts’. We all started bullying him. Poor Praveen, he was still looking at the pulav he has made. No expressions and he has gone dump for some time.

He is still confident, “I would make ‘real’ pulav some other day”.

We made biriyani also. It is worth detailing. Expect that here some other day. Bye for now..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

They control my thoughts and emotions

Today is my birthday. 10592 days in this beautiful world. God is great and all thanks to him.

Birthdays for me are to retrospect the years I lived. Memories come gushing. Many things I've accomplished and lot more to do. When I walk down my memory lane, the first of effigies which appears in my mind is my friends who have made my life so happening. So that I've started writing now, it would be unjust if I am not writing about my friends. Friends, who have influenced me a lot.

What do they do to me? Quite simple, they imbibe my thoughts and emotions just like a vacuum cleaner. They clean it with most superior methods and machines, apply some finer perfumes and they put it back in my mind. Now my thoughts are made superior. Yes they control my thoughts and emotions.

Some of them live exclusively for their friends and family. Their priority is their friend's well being. Their coterie is quite big, but still they ensure that they are concerned about me. They taught me the way to make new acquaintance, to be open and talk to others. Reading between lines and analyzing peoples are the tricks I learned from them. They are crazy and naughtier too..Am indebted to them, for making my life even better.

Many a times when I was in deep trouble, when my relatives were mere sympathizers, I get a call from Dubai. 'Hey man, Is everything ok with you?'. They chip in whenever required. They taught me, how one should be determined and fight for the feeble hope. They say 'Am the precious one they've got'.

Keeping in touch would be very hard while the years pass by and is said to be an art. They are really good in maintain contacts, where ever they are. We, from time to time meet, in somebody's marriage.

When I go a bit off track, my friends call me to put me back in path. Their occasional visit to my room and my home really makes me a good man.

While at work, I got managers who are not just managers but friends, really thick friends. Always guiding me and correcting me. My boys are my buddies. The little to big fights we have entertains us very much technically.

A whole day of tiring work would be annulled when I reach my room in Bangalore. Those kids cracks instant jokes and are best prank players. We enjoy every moment while we are together and the occasional trips as part of our whole Karnataka tour programs makes our bonds deeper.

A small post is really not enough to describe about them. The list would go on and on. I could write a series about them.

Many are living abroad, they live their lives but they live my life also. 'Thanks' is not the word to be used to express my gratitude to them (hmmm….i won't ever say thanks…I got enough for saying thanks to them..They whack me if I say thanks)

Friends you make my life, you've got the power to control my thoughts and emotions

Friday, July 17, 2009

Did you eat?

How often you used to get this question from your gal friend, sisters, mother or your lady manager? In my experience, I hear this question at least three times in a day, one each from my sisters or mother and one from my friend who steals my evenings through the cyber world. Some times if I get to meet my lady manager while at lunch time, she might also ask me the same question.

I used to wonder, why only gals or women ask you this question. I asked my friend. She is an angel and her answer was ‘See… you know, how concerned we are’.

I asked my sister the same question. She said, ‘Who else will ask you?’. He he he..she seems to be ignorant, every gal asks this question. Hmm this also means, they are concerned.

I asked one of my male friends. And his version is like this.
‘Hey buddy, they want to show that they are anxious and caring. Ofcoz they are concerned. And if any gal asks you do you eat, answer her no. Coz, she would be getting a topic to elaborate at least for 10 minutes. She would be contended on that she has expressed her affection . And you on other hand would get a chance to hear a sweet talk. And if the gal is your sister, mother or cousin, answer them straight with the truth’

Am convinced, this question is one of the strongest weapon in their armory

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Blues

Weekday mornings are always boring. Many a times we wont feel like going office at all. We all love to get an extended sleep. The morning blues would be even worse if it is Monday morning after having a rocking weekend.

Morning in bed we device some plans. Check the roaster- is there any critical thing to be done this week. Or is my presence in office really required. Ok, convinced, it won't make a difference if am not going office for a day. Now reach out for the mobile phone, oh shit, it do have the charge only for a call. Start searching for the manager's number.

'Hello Sir, this is Harees here.'

'Good morning Harees, wassup? So early in morning'

'Sir am not feeling good'.

'Oh!!, What happened?'

'Nothing major Sir, I had dinner last night in a new hotel. I think, my digestive mechanism has rejected it '

'Oh is it?, Come on man take care. I'll handle the roaster for today'.

'Thank you Sir, I would try to come after noon, If the things go OK'

'Not needed Harees, You take rest for a day'.

Hey…bingo!!!. It worked…now find the bed sheet…cover it all over your body….and sleep.

Sometime your manager may also feel the same morning blues.

The conversation would go like this if that is the case.

'Hello Sir, this is Harees here.'

'Good morning Harees, wassup? So early in morning'

'Sir am not feeling good'.

'Oh!!, What happened?'

'Nothing major Sir, I had dinner last night in a new hotel. I think, my digestive mechanism has rejected it '

'Oh is it?, I am also not keeping good. I think I've got a small flue. I will call up Latif. He will handle todays roaster'.

'Thank you Sir'

'You take care'.

This won't work if you are using it very frequently. So go with a different plan.

'Good morning Sir, this is Harees here.'

'Good morning Harees, Is everything OK with you'

'Am doing good bozz. But the problem is, am in my hometown now. I was supposed to return Bangalore yesterday night itself. I actually came here to attend my friend's marriage and it happened in an outlying place. I was not able to return back in time and missed my buss. Thought of calling you yesterday itself, but decided not to disturb you.'

'Aha, ok try to get the bus on time at least today'

'I'll do that boss. Thank you'

Quite often you would get these kinds of calls from your subordinates also. If the calls you receive are at odd times, you could make it certain, this guys wants a leave today. The morning blue effect!!!.

The worst of these would be the new-year blues. For us January 1st is a working day. You might've called your bozz to get leave consent for half day. When you reach office, you could see an almost empty office.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Flight

"First Flight", does it sound like a courier company's name? Or do you guess it to be "first escape"?

If you understood it as first air travel, then you got me. I did a google to find a better word for my blog post title. I didn't find anything convincing, has to finally zero on to this word.

While in childhood days, when we were playing football – if we hear the sound of an aircraft or helicopter, we would stop playing and look at the skies. Even if we are in a position to score a goal, we would just don't mind. It was actually a rare sight for us. Those from Cochin, please excuse me. When I say helicopter, I really meant helicopter only and not the mosquitoes. I heard people from Cochin used to call mosquitoes as helicopters. It is mainly because of their size and terrible sound that they make. I heard one of my friends cracking a joke on mosquitoes in Cochin. If you were sleeping on your bed in your bed room, you may wake up sometimes from sit outs. Yes these mosquitoes are capable of lifting a 75kg live pack of meat. I too agree they should only be called vampire helicopters.

Back to airplanes, so we were crazy to see them. All of my uncles were working in GCC countries and when they are coming here for a vacation, I always tried to get into the transit taxi. By the way, it is a custom in Kerala here. Majority of the families here would be having somebody in Gulf countries. And when they go back and coming, there would be at least two taxies shuttling to and from the airport. If you see a taxi or a car with big luggage tied on the roof, then it has to be understood as gulf trip. Whenever I see an airplane, I would be in my fantasies on my air trip. I believed sooner or later when I be a man my uncles would take me to Dubai.

I work with a company called ITTI Pvt Ltd, a software company based in Bangalore. We happened to work on project for ADSB, an Abudabi based ship building company. I was the tech lead for the project and it is understood that I've to go there for implementation. Believe me; we were working on a crunched schedule. At least 20x7 working hours for us. Somehow we completed the work and the day came for me to go for implementation. We were working whole night to do the final patch ups. The route was Bangalore – Mumbai – Abudabi. The flight is at 4.30 PM and I left the office to room at 1.00 PM to freshen up. I reached room at 2.00 PM, I got a call from Revathi (HR executive) to report in office by 3.00 PM (She knows, we were working the whole night). As I should be reaching the airport at least by 4.00 and she would be doing e-checkin for me. I just poured some water on my body, got into my best attire and rushed out of the room. Reached office by 2.45 and the cab came exactly by 3.00 PM. Got into the car and left for airport. Satish and other team mates were there at the office steps to see me off.

All those days were busy for me and I forgot to ask expert opinion from experienced peoples. I convinced myself I could do it without any problem.

The driver was so skilled that he took only 30 minutes to reach airport. I got down, checked the passports and air tickets in the laptop bag. I was wondering what to do next. I spotted a gate guarded by security personnel. I was sure that should be the gate for me to take. I decided to watch what others do and just follow it. I went and stood in the queue. I saw peoples holding tickets in their hand and the security personal were checking them. I pulled out the air tickets and when my turn came I showed my tickets to them as were am a frequent flier. When I was standing in queue, I tried to look at the ticket the guy in front of me was holding. A sigh of relief, man he is also traveling in 'Jet Airways' to Mumbai. I donno whether he would be in same flight. I decided to follow him.

I pulled my trolley and went were ever this guy went. He stopped at the baggage scanning machine. He put the bags in the machine. I did the same thing. He was walking; man I should not lose him. I followed him all the way to the 'Jet Airways' counter. I stood behind him watching his deeds. He gave the air ticket in counter, kept his bag on the weighing machine. He gave the Pan Card to the pretty lady in the counter. So am also supposed to all those. Now its my turn, I did the same thing whatever the guy did. The pretty lady was convinced. She wanted to know my preference for seat. Hey this question was not asked to the other guy. I just managed to say 'Window seat'. I was not sure whether it was correct. She smiled and did some typing in her computer, took the boarding pass print out. She took some more print outs, fixed one on my check-in bag and other on my boarding pass.

I am done, when I turned back, I couldn't see my guy. Oh man were should I search him. He was my guide. Aiyayyo what next?. Flash on my bulb!!!, there was another guy behind me at the counter. Come on I'll follow him.

I was waiting for the guy to complete the things. He is also done, he started moving. The pretty lady had told me to go for security check-in. What the heck is that? Hey why should I worry, I've got a new guide. He went to a coffe shop, what am supposed to do. Went there, he ordered for tea…hmm I ordered for coffee….Hows it? He had his tea. He started pulling his bag. Me too. Hey he is going to loo. He he he I also did it. Came out. Now we are heading for security checkin. He joined a queue. Me behind him. I saw him, putting his mobile in the carry bag. I also did that. He put the bag in the scanning machine. Me also. He went for check, I was watching what exactly he is doing. He took his purse out, kept it on the table next to the security person. He gave the boarding pass to the security person and lifted both of his hands. Got it, I will also do it. Now when my turn came, I did the same what the other guy did. I got my boarding pass sealed, took my laptop bag and followed my guide.

Now we were waiting for the announcement for our flight boarding. We are supposed to go through Gate 5 I guess. All the time when I was sitting there, I was searching for the gate now 5(the one with airway bridge). Announcement came, I saw my guy moving. Went behind him. The person at the gate was checking our boarding pass and the security check tags on our carry bags. We were allowed to go in. We walked through the air bridge to the aircrafts entrance. Guy standing there tore the counterfoil and gave us the boarding pass back. There was another pretty lady at the doors welcoming us. I smiled at her, am supposed to do that isn't it. I found my seat and got seated.

I was expecting the seat belts to be those found in cars. But this seems to be different. I did manage to lock my seat belt. When the flight is about to take off, the pretty ladies started their circus. I did find it funny. I was looking around what others are doing. All were reading something or looking somewhere else. Poor ladies they continued their dance moves.

The flight took off. I was pretty contended on completing my first phase very successfully though through apery.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Confessions

You know what happens with an average looking; not at all smart guy who wants to be loved…Here is…my adaptation of it…

This guy, I call him Raju, is a very much a mallu. He is average looking and always thought gals to be the beautiful creatures. It always ponders his mind; the male genders except in human beings are made beautiful. The peacock, lion, cock…man the list goes very big. Why man is made inferior to women at least in loveliness. This is not fair.

He felt jealous on seeing fairly looking and smart guys. He used to closely watch them and emulate their actions. Most of the time those emulations failed despondently.

As a natures law, the opposite sex has to get attracted. Our hero also gets attracted at times..Many times he intends to talk to a gal, however he try the things doesn't go his way at all. He finds the problem is with his looks and blames the gene for that.

Now that he realizes, this is not going to be working for him. He confronts himself by assuming the responsibility of finding a gal for him is with the parents. He decides not think about it at all. Hey it's a magic, no more frustrations. He is happier than ever before.

When he gets into college, he ensured that he is not getting into any relations with gals even as friend. He finds likeminded guys in the college and forms an anti-love brigade (not moral policing though). They engaged themselves with the war against the lovers.

But love has got such a magical power, the brigade perished in no time. And all the brigadiers found their love interest, leaving Raju alone.

I said love has got magic; Raju develops a kind of crush on one of his classmates. As usual, he dared not to open it to anyone. He secretly admired his love interest. He moved his seat behind this gal's. Sitting in the class room but all the time concentrated on seeing his gal. Even waiting for his gal to talk something to somebody.

Time went by..And Rajus love remain as one sided. Does he feel the pain within him? Yes he do. Now college time is over…He still treasures this as cherishing memory.

What this is to do with the title "My Confessions"? Raju is nobody but me.

I should confess my fellow brigadiers, I've was in love. I know the power of friendship but aint known with the deepness of love as mine was one sided.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A trip to Ooty friend’s version

Hey yo..am back..thought of making the next post after a small break. I myself felt the flow would be lost if a crack happens..I hope my friends would've read the blog; if not I'll chase and make them read J.

I went for Rashid's marriage (My ex-boss's son) last to last Sunday. Being back in Areekode (2 hours) has got a different feeling. A kind of adrenaline rush, hey stop what adrenaline has to do with this..say it as a kind of divine feeling…hmm..Now better explained.

When reached home, my mamma was standing at the doors (Yes she is like that, she would be at the door steps till I reach back). Hey mamma I want to go back Areekode. She just smiled and she knows my liking for Areekode has no limit. She knows each and every person in the institution I worked with at least by name. Coz, on Sundays (once in a month..he he he) she has to bear me describing the whole script of the happenings in Areekode for that week/month. Com'on man don't write everything out here, keep something for the future posts also (By the way, who the heck has invented the preludes).

For those who missed my first post, read it here http://hareesseni.blogspot.com/2009/06/trip-to-ooty.html

Ok now we all five were in the car. They were three and we were two. So obviously whom do you expect to say the story first? Hey yaah, u guessed right. It's us, coz the moment we got in the car, they started putting their queries. Questions from three corners, two from front seat and one from the back seat. As minorities we got to answer those entire queries first. We did explain all what happened with us. Now it's their turn.

When we both left these guys went to the nearby estate for some photo sessions. We've not brought any camera. We were not prepared for a trip. It was with the mobile camera they where flicking. They spend some time roaming here and there waiting for us to comeback. It was getting dark. Some of the locals suggested them to leave the place by 7.00 PM, as it was not secure. They've spotted wild animals at the place. The lorry driver had said truth to us. We mistook it.

They also started stopping vehicles asking for petrol. Unfortunate for them, most of the vehicles passing by were diesel ones. Finally they succeeded; they got a liter of petrol from somebody. Poured it into the thirsty cars throat. You could imagine, single liter of petrol can do nothing with this vehicle.

Question next, two guys has left to fetch fuel. They calculated the time, 8+8 kms by now they should've reached here. Something had happened to them. Can't wait anymore. Go in search of them.

The route to Ooty, as you know are high range roads, climbs and declines. With the available petrol they have to move 25 kms. They decided to push the car, if it goes hard for them start and ride. When they get a slope switch off the vehicle and use the thrust to move. Poor guys, they were pushing the car all the way. They didn't dare to start the car.

They did cover some distance, may be 5-8 kms. They found the jeep, which we people went, parked on the top of a climb. Aslam, the man with heavy guts (He has good athletic body – and always, he lives upto the expectations); walked towards the Jeep. The moment he reached the Jeep, guys inside the Jeep got out and started running. He did run a bit and dropped the idea afterwards as it was pitching dark.

Now they started building stories. Ramiz and me were having money and mobile phones with us. They thought, these peoples have done something on us to rob.

Bushair: - Am not gonna go Areekode now, I would flee rather going Areekode – What the hell will I say to Fasalukka (My Bozz). I would catch the first train to Mumbai.

Aslam:- Hey man, Its all gone – what can we do now? Can we call fasalukka?

Shameer:- Lets not do it now; lets reach Gudallur. We will fill petrol and come back. If no sign of them, then we can call Fasalukka.

And these poor guys where pushing the car all the way to Gudallur. All the time, they were trying us on mobile. Its high range and you cannot expect the Hutch Pug following you all the time. They reached gudallur somehow. 25 kms pushing the car that too in chilling night. They were at ease when they find a slope that was only the relief for them.

They filled petrol, this time enough to take them to Ooty and back. They ride the car all the way to the place where we parked and also a couple of kilometers ahead. They didn't find us at all.

They came back to Gudallur, now they have to call Fasalukka. They were not ready to give up. They decided to go back to Ooty again but this time they would stop at every corner and would get down and search for us. They took the car to the petrol station. All these time nobody had eaten anything.

Suddenly Aslam went missing. Now Shameer got confused, what the heck? Now to search for him also. He just walked some 10 steps. There was one small hotel opened at that time. When he looked inside, he found Aslam sitting there with the posture of an old man sitting at ease.

Shameer asked him 'Why here?'

Aslam: I can't bear with hunger man, so ordered for a light food, just three parottas and beef. Let me complete it, and then we can go'.

Shameer got enraged by this, 'So what you thought, we had our stomachs full. Bloody you better come.'

Shameer pulled him out of the hotel and at that time Aslam tried Ramiz on his cell. We got the call. Rest you know.

There were some late night street side hotels in Nilambur. We had ghee rice and chicken roast from there. Aslam's complaint also got solved.

This is not the only one incident in my much happening life in Areekode. Tons more are there. You could expect that in future blogs. But for now a break.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A trip to Ooty

I said in my previous post, life in Areekode was fun filled. Weekends were not for us to sleep (On Contrary to that, I engage myself sleeping in weekends in Bangalore – Quite boring). There would be something happening for us on every Sunday. Going for a ride or climbing hill or freaking out in beach or fishing or rowing or swimming and many more. One such thing happened on a Sunday, an interesting trip to Ooty.

As I was mentioning, we used to go for leisure trips every now and then. In this particular day we went for a friend’s marriage in Nilambur. We’d rented a car. We were five (Me, Aslam, Shameer, Ramiz and Bushair). We didn’t had much do in that marriage other than having the marriage lunch. Everything got finished by 11.00 AM. What next? We’d rented a car. We got to give it back. 400 bucks only for two hours? Naaah…It’s not fair. We were probing for options. Then we all decided to go Ooty. It’s just 100 Km away I guess. So all set, a ride to Ooty (It’s not the first time we were going there). Filled petrol from the nearest gasoline station and we got moving.

We have crossed Gudallur and covered some 25Kms, 25 more kms to go from here. The car stopped!!!. We were of the thought that it would be the problem with the engine. Ramiz and Bushair knows petty mechanism of the car. They said the things are all ok, but why did it stop. Then we checked the gasoline. The fuel tank was empty. We didn’t know that the car was an avid drunkard. We need to find fuel from somewhere. Options are go to ooty or go back to Gudalur to get the petrol.

We stopped one Jeep which was passing by. We asked the driver whether we could petrol from any nearby place. He said, yes its available in a small town 8 kms away on the way to Gudallur. So me and Ramiz got into the Jeep to get the petrol. We reached that place (I didn’t remember the name – I should blame my grey cells, it too bad in storing information). We gave the driver 20 bucks and asked him to guide us to the place where we could get fuel. We went to a small workshop; it rather looked like a Pit shop. The man there said, he has also run out of fuel. Only option left out was to go Gudllur.

We’d mobile phones with us. But unfortunately there was no network coverage in the area where our car was parked. No way to contact our guys there. We got into a bus and reached Gudallur. It was 4.00 clock in evening then. We got some 3 liters of petrol in two Pepsi bottles. Now we got go back. No bus was ready to board us, as we were carrying petrol with us. We decided to by a shopper bag, bought one and put the bottles inside. We boarded into a Karnataka state bus to Ooty. We didn’t know the name of the place, so took ticket till Ooty. We just know the landmark. The KSRTC is very infamous for the speed. I think even bullock carts can over take it. We were just peeping outside all the time to get a better sight of the landmark we know. It was 7.30 PM when we reached the spot. Ramiz was saying he doubted whether he had seen our car somewhere going towards Gudallur while we were in the bus.

We got down the bus, but the car was not seen anywhere neither our friends. Mobiles again failed us, no coverage. We started walking upwards, as we thought we alighted at the wrong place. It was so chilling night, and we started feeling pain in our legs. We were not wearing shoes, but the ones we had are leather chapels. We didn’t have any jacket also with us. We just kept on walking, but no sign of the car or friends. In between we saw a guy and asked him did he saw any white maruti car parked somewhere. He was a drunkard and starting saying something else in Tamil. He was scolding us. When I turned back, I didn’t see Ramiz. He has already started walking towards Gudallur. It might be 10.00 PM by now. We were walking towards Gudallur and we reached a small bridge. And we identified it. We had parked the car somewhere near that. On the wall of the bridge with the mobile phone light, I saw something written in Malayalam (am not saying what it was here. Its bit ugly) My phone number was also written there (I did a valiant effort to erase it – man it’s my reputation on stake). We realized it was our friends, and came in a conclusion; they might’ve got fuel somehow and might’ve driven back.

We started waking again, it might be 10.20 PM, no vehicles to be found on the road and it was chilling dark. Finally we saw a lorry coming; we’ve thrown ourselves to the middle of the road to stop it. We asked whether we could get a lift till Gudallur. The driver accepted and asked us to get in. We were happy, I sat near to the cleaner and Ramiz near to the door. We started talking to the driver and cleaner and were saying our story to them. The driver smiled and said, the people there have spotted a tiger roaming in that area two days back. Oops.. When we were talking to them we realized it is not secure to travel with them. He started asking us whether we were carrying money with us, do we had mobile etc. When we reached the small town where we been for the search of petrol, the driver stopped the lorry. He said they are going to have a light dinner. We got down the lorry and by this time we’d decided not to go with them again. We went to a STD booth nearby and Ramiz called at his home. He also called his friends in Areekode. We saw a Kerala SRTC bus coming. The bus was going to Kannur. We got into that bus and took ticket to Gudallur. When we reached Gudallur it was 1.30 AM. We went to the direction, where we could get a vehicle to Nilambur or to the Kerala border. We could see many vegetable Lorries going; we tried to stop them signaling the need for a lift. None of them stopped. We enquired in the nearby tea stall about the bus to Nilambur. They said the first bus is at 4.30 AM. 3 more hours to go. We decided to wait there for the bus, in mean time we tried vehicles passing by to stop.

Suddenly at about 2.00 AM, Ramiz’s mobile phone rang. It was the call from Aslam. Big relief for us, our hearts started thumping with joy. They were also in Gudallur. And they are about to go on the way to Ooty in search of us. We met them at the Petrol bunk nearby. All started hugging each other. Bushair slammed the accelerator to the maximum; we needed to take rest at the earliest. And we reached Areekode by 4.00 AM. Quite a happening day for us, next day we were all back at work.

This is our version. The interesting part is the version of the other three friends. I know blogs are to be written short. My friend’s part is much interesting and dramatic. I would write about it in my next post.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I didn’t know the word friend had an end

I've been following Tamil music these days very religiously. Music directors down south are trying some appealing tunes time and time again. It's been a trend now to include some hip hop beats to the songs. Thus every song is in same line. I happened to hear one particular song and it plays 18x7 in my laptop and music players. The song is from the movie 'Kulir 100 degree'. It does have some magical verses and the music is also good.

The song starts like this

"Hey yo this song is dedicated to everyone, who miss their friend, this is how it feels..."

You would've got the theme of the song now. It's about friendship and brisk break in their friendship. I'm not trying to do a music review here rather as a music lover I did find this song to be catchy. There are some lines which touched my heart. It goes like this

"vaan endru unnai ninaithaen…vaanavillay vanthaayae.."

[Thought you to be the sky..But came in my life as rainbow]

"thirukuralaay vanthu en vaazhvil..iru variyil mudinthaayae..."

[You came in my life as Thirukkuaral and ended in two lines.]

"Kan moodinaal irul ethu neeyae therikiraay..Naan pesinaal mozhiyaaka thaanae varukiraay"

[I close my eyes, it's not darkness I see but you..You are the language when I talk].

"its been while last since we met
cant forget what happened until my last breath
i regret my actions coz whatever we'd was everlasting
hey no joke man my heart comes crushing"

"i'm walking down memory line..its all coming back
dont ever forget me man thats all i ask
you gotta control on my thoughts and emotion
when my world stops you put it back in motion"

The song ends with the line "I didn't know the word friend had an end"

I do had some breakups in my life, but I would like assert, the rainbow will come again in your life. The friendship doesn't end.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SJR Team Lunch

Its 4 months since I joined the ITTI team in Hindustan Unilever Ltd SJR. We are 23 in SJR. On 26th June we went for a team lunch in Baghini Palace Hoodi. This is my first team lunch in SJR. It all started with a mail from Abhishek and Jagadeesh a week ago about the team lunch. I was keen about it, as I was new inductee to the SJR team. I wanted to know all of them; team lunch is the best opportunity for this. We were asked to gather at the SJR front gate at 1.00 PM. Jagadeesh came to our floor at 12.50 PM and reminded us about the lunch.

Pick up and drop were arranged. When it comes in organizing an event, ITTIians in SJR and ITPL are very famous and very prompt. We 19 got into the force traveler. We were 19 in the vehicle but seating for 17 I guess. It was just a kilometer and a half from SJR. We adjusted ourselves on the available seats. The biggies; Nitin and Ranjith; were sitting together, the biggest adjustments one could ever think off.

We reached Baghini at about 1.20 PM. Straight away we went to the reserved seats. All set and ready

Things started with brief introduction of each other. Like me; there were 5 new members. All started introducing with me first and ended with Ranjith. Then came the starters. The spicy Chicken tikka with black pepper and one other thing which i don't remember the name.
It was so spicy that we had to drink a glass of water after having it. Then came the main course; rotti, chicken gravies and biriyani chicken. The food was OK. Then a small presentation for newlywed guys in the group also happened. One for Dinesh and Ashish.

I would rate 80/100 for the food and 100/100 for the organizers (Abhi / Jagadheesh).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Areekode the Serene land

There are few places in this world which would remain ever green in your memories. It could be anywhere, domestic or international. I also treasure the memories of one such place where I lived. It is Areekode; a small town in suburbs of Malappuram. I’ve been there for almost three years. I consider the life out there as the best so far.

I was working as software engineer in an upcoming multi-specialty hospital; The Mother Hospital in Areekode. People in Areekode are well educated and are very progressive in everything; particularly the ethics. You could find many Ph.d holders, many renowned engineers, doctors and beurocates in this lovely place.

One thing you won’t ever forget is the unique slag of Malayalam they speak. The slag has got much influence on me and I often use it. In Malayalam we would say ‘Entha Changathee’ meaning ‘Hey buddy or Hey friend’. They say ‘Ethaange’. Very intelligently tailored to carry the meaning but keeping it ‘very’ short. Somebody should make a dictionary for those words for other peoples in Kerala to understand. Because, Areekodans would be there as top officials everywhere.

Politically Areekode is split with extreme opposite views. The left and the right, but they complement each other with good deeds for their land, Areekode.

My growth from a novice to intermediate Software engineer was fueled by the superb mentoring of the Gentle Gentleman Mr Fazalullah. Still he is my mentor. He taught all of us, how one can be dynamic and be upto date as a techie. All of us who worked in Mother Hospital are now placed well in reputed companies now. We owe lot to this uber cool gentle man.

Working at Mother Hospital was really fun experience for us. The schedule for a day’s work would be like this
1. Btw 8.30 and 9.30 AM – Have breakfast (3 Parottas, Beef Curry / Ayala moleethi)
2. Btw 9.30 AM and 10.30 – Orkuting and mail checking
3. Btw 10.30 AM and 11.00 – Pre lunch (Parotta Beef Curry)
4. 11.00 to 1.30 PM – Do some work
5. Btw 1.30 to 2.30 PM – Lunch Mostly Beef biriyani
6. 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM – Do some work
7. 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM – Swimming in Chaliyaar / Play Shuttle badminton
8. Btw 7.30 PM to 9.00 PM – Dinner at Jolly hotel
9. Mostly 10.00 PM to 12.00 AM – Do some work (Mostly to complete the pending work – real work)

Work, entertainment and malingering were mixed together here. We often do very much kind of R&D’s in latest technologies and development. With my stint in Areekode, we have done pretty complex things, almost everything in .NET.

This is just a prelude, a small description on Areekode and my life out there. Life out there was full of fun; in coming days I would write on all those…Keep track of it.

UIC and MJ

A friend of mine told me, Nandan Nilekani resigned from Infosys. She didn’t say any further. First thoughts went on the way of set backs. I did open the entire available websites to see what it really is. Sigh of relief for me, the news has been told to me in a different way. It is supposed to be said; Nandan Nilekani joined a government programme, one of the most ambitious projects in India – The Unique Identification program for every citizen.

Who else can chair the program? Mr. Nilekani is the best for the job and obviously this great visionary would digitalize the entire population’s data. A program which would help India in many ways from ensuring the funds for all programs reaches the needy, to curbing terrorism.
Kudos to the Government and the PM for this excellent move. Mr. Nilekani did much for the IT major, Infosys and its time for him to serve the nation. I always get glued on to the TV channels when ever they air any program involving Mr Nilekani and Mr Moorthy. Their talk always inspires every one.

Wishing Nandan Nilekani and his team all the success.

When I wake up this morning, I found news channels being put on our TV. It never happens. It always used to be some music channels. I got shocked to know the reason behind it. Michael Jackson, the music legend has passed away. Tomraj who was supposed to leave room by 7.30 seems glued on to the TV. Everybody was just standing struck looking at the fool box.

Michael Jackson has revolutionized the music world, particularly the pop music. He will remembered for those moon walk moves. I think there wouldn’t be any kid in the world, who doesn’t know MJ. Big loss for the musical world. May his soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cherishing Memories

Maaan…I feel like grown old now…
I’mnt glad of my 25+…
I’m pretty comfortable when I was in my early 20’s…the gud old days at IPT…

Every time I see somebody in Blue & Blue…
Every time when I see some one carrying C++ books…
Every time when I pass thru Shoranur…
Every time when I hear couple of guys talking about their teachers…
Every time I gottu see the white flag with red star….
Every time I see the Banyan tree….
Every time I see the Margin Free Market…
Every time when I see couple sitting face to face with slice of silence sandwitched…
Every time I get a call from Jabir…
Every time I see the innocent face of Shamim….

Maaaan am lost in some other world….
The feeling is so nostalgic to me…

I want those days back…

The golden shower tree.... near the first set of steps to the college premises.... She was a peach during her season.... The first look; the first identity of the college

The inner rectangle where the political wings tries to expose their strength with their outburst slogans..litterily frieghting the new comers….

Canteen….a little passway made out as a canteen….big undaaas, parottas at the size of the pappad…tea with a small tint of tea leaves (do they pour milk in that???)..One and only one bench to sit and crunch upon the ulli vadaaas..Dirty Kitchen, ruled by the shirtless chef!!!!

The auditorium.... venue for college events, meetings, seminars, association inaugurations and poetic renditions… where we used to hurl paper parings up the air in excitement.... and howl like foxes and bemock in disdain, when deeply commoved....Hey doesn’t it look like a cinema hall…Co’mon maan an announcement from the strong vocal chord of Suraaj...Ouch!!! that voice had made me uncomfortable many a time…The time , for the first time in my life, I faced a bunch of audience….

Lab....a forest of so called computers…lab assistant with a hawk eye watching out to catch small moles….hey, who’s opeing windows there??…do somebody looked at the real window at that time….maaan its jabir, springing himself down to close down the paint application he’d opened…Can u hear perturbing sound from the computer…yes it is Shaju and Shamim… vying their skills on the games…who’s is serious over there….Ha ha ha....its Mehaboob…he wants to complete the program b4 smitha or kinnan do it!!!

Classrooms.... in close proximity with allergic chalk dust.... the duster that served the purpose of a throw ball more often than it helped pass over the blackboard.... derelict desks and benches giving forth rhythmic creakings.... copy-paste exercises for assignments, test papers and practical logs.... Maan the pretty maths teacher…when she turns to the board for writing; at some angle; can we get a glance of seeing something….Hey remember the song of busted ‘That’s wat I go to school 4’…Hey see a little mob there at the last bench…can u hear a sweet voice…Muneer is singing…who’s scoring the BGM…maaan its sudheer proving his dexterity on percussion…kanda mani is also a gud drummist….Hey its disgusting…can u see some couple sitting together…I wonder wat they’ve got to talk this much….

Libraries.... Places visited when a new piece of assignement is on the cards....

College ground... little place to play with…full of soft rocks….. boundaries, goals, sprints.... at more ease than in classrooms.... we are all masters of the subject; so why attend the boring lectures?.... come we shall split into two teams for a round of cricket.... used to blame the 'imaginary' groundsman when he found easy ways to cut the grass and maintain it - set aflame the ground....

Yet, everything looked sinister when the exams came thudding the doors ajar....
Oops! I was lost in this talk with you.... It's four O' clock, come on, grab your bags and sally out....You can call it nostalgia, if you could reminisce instances like these from your experience.... My college was a beauty.... a sybaritic beauty.... Don't know whether all these are preserved there, and thence everything in past tense....