Thursday, July 23, 2009

They control my thoughts and emotions

Today is my birthday. 10592 days in this beautiful world. God is great and all thanks to him.

Birthdays for me are to retrospect the years I lived. Memories come gushing. Many things I've accomplished and lot more to do. When I walk down my memory lane, the first of effigies which appears in my mind is my friends who have made my life so happening. So that I've started writing now, it would be unjust if I am not writing about my friends. Friends, who have influenced me a lot.

What do they do to me? Quite simple, they imbibe my thoughts and emotions just like a vacuum cleaner. They clean it with most superior methods and machines, apply some finer perfumes and they put it back in my mind. Now my thoughts are made superior. Yes they control my thoughts and emotions.

Some of them live exclusively for their friends and family. Their priority is their friend's well being. Their coterie is quite big, but still they ensure that they are concerned about me. They taught me the way to make new acquaintance, to be open and talk to others. Reading between lines and analyzing peoples are the tricks I learned from them. They are crazy and naughtier too..Am indebted to them, for making my life even better.

Many a times when I was in deep trouble, when my relatives were mere sympathizers, I get a call from Dubai. 'Hey man, Is everything ok with you?'. They chip in whenever required. They taught me, how one should be determined and fight for the feeble hope. They say 'Am the precious one they've got'.

Keeping in touch would be very hard while the years pass by and is said to be an art. They are really good in maintain contacts, where ever they are. We, from time to time meet, in somebody's marriage.

When I go a bit off track, my friends call me to put me back in path. Their occasional visit to my room and my home really makes me a good man.

While at work, I got managers who are not just managers but friends, really thick friends. Always guiding me and correcting me. My boys are my buddies. The little to big fights we have entertains us very much technically.

A whole day of tiring work would be annulled when I reach my room in Bangalore. Those kids cracks instant jokes and are best prank players. We enjoy every moment while we are together and the occasional trips as part of our whole Karnataka tour programs makes our bonds deeper.

A small post is really not enough to describe about them. The list would go on and on. I could write a series about them.

Many are living abroad, they live their lives but they live my life also. 'Thanks' is not the word to be used to express my gratitude to them (hmmm….i won't ever say thanks…I got enough for saying thanks to them..They whack me if I say thanks)

Friends you make my life, you've got the power to control my thoughts and emotions

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Roschelle said...


Happy Birthday.

Im sure your friends value you and need you as much as you need them.

If they have control over your thoughts and emotions,Trust me you would feature a lot in their own thoughts and emotions.

And yeah-Thanks is not something to be said,But your blog is a real nice thanksgiving to life and the lessons and surprises we all come by in the name of friendship.