Saturday, June 27, 2009

SJR Team Lunch

Its 4 months since I joined the ITTI team in Hindustan Unilever Ltd SJR. We are 23 in SJR. On 26th June we went for a team lunch in Baghini Palace Hoodi. This is my first team lunch in SJR. It all started with a mail from Abhishek and Jagadeesh a week ago about the team lunch. I was keen about it, as I was new inductee to the SJR team. I wanted to know all of them; team lunch is the best opportunity for this. We were asked to gather at the SJR front gate at 1.00 PM. Jagadeesh came to our floor at 12.50 PM and reminded us about the lunch.

Pick up and drop were arranged. When it comes in organizing an event, ITTIians in SJR and ITPL are very famous and very prompt. We 19 got into the force traveler. We were 19 in the vehicle but seating for 17 I guess. It was just a kilometer and a half from SJR. We adjusted ourselves on the available seats. The biggies; Nitin and Ranjith; were sitting together, the biggest adjustments one could ever think off.

We reached Baghini at about 1.20 PM. Straight away we went to the reserved seats. All set and ready

Things started with brief introduction of each other. Like me; there were 5 new members. All started introducing with me first and ended with Ranjith. Then came the starters. The spicy Chicken tikka with black pepper and one other thing which i don't remember the name.
It was so spicy that we had to drink a glass of water after having it. Then came the main course; rotti, chicken gravies and biriyani chicken. The food was OK. Then a small presentation for newlywed guys in the group also happened. One for Dinesh and Ashish.

I would rate 80/100 for the food and 100/100 for the organizers (Abhi / Jagadheesh).

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Roschelle said...

Well I love that place,It is small but cozy,Had been there on a nice rainy day with my team from work.

We drove the waiter completely mad.Our lunch supposedly started at 2:30 in the noon.I think we sat there till 5.The waiter had to run up and down in the rain.

Fully agree with you on the rating of that place.

Also love the close up on the food ordered.