Friday, June 26, 2009

UIC and MJ

A friend of mine told me, Nandan Nilekani resigned from Infosys. She didn’t say any further. First thoughts went on the way of set backs. I did open the entire available websites to see what it really is. Sigh of relief for me, the news has been told to me in a different way. It is supposed to be said; Nandan Nilekani joined a government programme, one of the most ambitious projects in India – The Unique Identification program for every citizen.

Who else can chair the program? Mr. Nilekani is the best for the job and obviously this great visionary would digitalize the entire population’s data. A program which would help India in many ways from ensuring the funds for all programs reaches the needy, to curbing terrorism.
Kudos to the Government and the PM for this excellent move. Mr. Nilekani did much for the IT major, Infosys and its time for him to serve the nation. I always get glued on to the TV channels when ever they air any program involving Mr Nilekani and Mr Moorthy. Their talk always inspires every one.

Wishing Nandan Nilekani and his team all the success.

When I wake up this morning, I found news channels being put on our TV. It never happens. It always used to be some music channels. I got shocked to know the reason behind it. Michael Jackson, the music legend has passed away. Tomraj who was supposed to leave room by 7.30 seems glued on to the TV. Everybody was just standing struck looking at the fool box.

Michael Jackson has revolutionized the music world, particularly the pop music. He will remembered for those moon walk moves. I think there wouldn’t be any kid in the world, who doesn’t know MJ. Big loss for the musical world. May his soul rest in peace.

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