Monday, August 24, 2009

How to live in Bangalore with Rs 10 in hand

As usual it was month end. No money in bank and no money in hand also. Well its the last day of the month, the day we used to get salary. I've got Rs 20 with me. How do I cater to my expenses for the day?

I usually used to go by auto rickshaw. That day i cant afford going by rick. I got into a BMTC bus to Lal bagh (gottu pay Rs 8). My office is about two kilo meters away from lalbagh. Took out my mobile head set, switch own my music player in my mobile and started walking. In 18 minutes i reached my office...Wow pretty good 2 kms and 18 minutes.

Reaching office, my first activity is to go to the petty shop. I cant start a day in office with out a good smoke..I just threw my eyes to find my friends there. Yes, I can see one of my colleague enjoying his smoke. I joined him, one cigarette was burned off. And my generous friend paid for my cigarette.

Well we used to come down from our office atleast 5 times for smoking. All the time I managed to get it paid by my friends.

It was lunch time. Lunch at our cafeteria would cost Rs 30. What was left with me? 12 Rs. I decided to go out with my friends. They used to go out. And as I was seldom out side goer, my friends paid for my lunch too.

Well with Rs 12, I gottu return home. I waited for my friend who goes my route on bike. Well I used to give him a company every day in evenings. Thus I saved my bus / auto fare for that day.

Reaching my place, I usually used to have tea from a bakery. I got Rs 12 with me. I had one tea and Paid Rs 2 for that. What left with me is Rs 10.

I manage to live with Rs 10, in Bangalore for the first time. Usually it used to be 100 - 200 a day. We used to prepare dinner at our home, nothing to bother about it.

A day with Rs 10 and that too in Bangalore is the biggest achievement.

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