Sunday, June 28, 2009

I didn’t know the word friend had an end

I've been following Tamil music these days very religiously. Music directors down south are trying some appealing tunes time and time again. It's been a trend now to include some hip hop beats to the songs. Thus every song is in same line. I happened to hear one particular song and it plays 18x7 in my laptop and music players. The song is from the movie 'Kulir 100 degree'. It does have some magical verses and the music is also good.

The song starts like this

"Hey yo this song is dedicated to everyone, who miss their friend, this is how it feels..."

You would've got the theme of the song now. It's about friendship and brisk break in their friendship. I'm not trying to do a music review here rather as a music lover I did find this song to be catchy. There are some lines which touched my heart. It goes like this

"vaan endru unnai ninaithaen…vaanavillay vanthaayae.."

[Thought you to be the sky..But came in my life as rainbow]

"thirukuralaay vanthu en vaazhvil..iru variyil mudinthaayae..."

[You came in my life as Thirukkuaral and ended in two lines.]

"Kan moodinaal irul ethu neeyae therikiraay..Naan pesinaal mozhiyaaka thaanae varukiraay"

[I close my eyes, it's not darkness I see but you..You are the language when I talk].

"its been while last since we met
cant forget what happened until my last breath
i regret my actions coz whatever we'd was everlasting
hey no joke man my heart comes crushing"

"i'm walking down memory line..its all coming back
dont ever forget me man thats all i ask
you gotta control on my thoughts and emotion
when my world stops you put it back in motion"

The song ends with the line "I didn't know the word friend had an end"

I do had some breakups in my life, but I would like assert, the rainbow will come again in your life. The friendship doesn't end.

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