Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A trip to Ooty friend’s version

Hey yo..am back..thought of making the next post after a small break. I myself felt the flow would be lost if a crack happens..I hope my friends would've read the blog; if not I'll chase and make them read J.

I went for Rashid's marriage (My ex-boss's son) last to last Sunday. Being back in Areekode (2 hours) has got a different feeling. A kind of adrenaline rush, hey stop what adrenaline has to do with this..say it as a kind of divine feeling…hmm..Now better explained.

When reached home, my mamma was standing at the doors (Yes she is like that, she would be at the door steps till I reach back). Hey mamma I want to go back Areekode. She just smiled and she knows my liking for Areekode has no limit. She knows each and every person in the institution I worked with at least by name. Coz, on Sundays (once in a month..he he he) she has to bear me describing the whole script of the happenings in Areekode for that week/month. Com'on man don't write everything out here, keep something for the future posts also (By the way, who the heck has invented the preludes).

For those who missed my first post, read it here http://hareesseni.blogspot.com/2009/06/trip-to-ooty.html

Ok now we all five were in the car. They were three and we were two. So obviously whom do you expect to say the story first? Hey yaah, u guessed right. It's us, coz the moment we got in the car, they started putting their queries. Questions from three corners, two from front seat and one from the back seat. As minorities we got to answer those entire queries first. We did explain all what happened with us. Now it's their turn.

When we both left these guys went to the nearby estate for some photo sessions. We've not brought any camera. We were not prepared for a trip. It was with the mobile camera they where flicking. They spend some time roaming here and there waiting for us to comeback. It was getting dark. Some of the locals suggested them to leave the place by 7.00 PM, as it was not secure. They've spotted wild animals at the place. The lorry driver had said truth to us. We mistook it.

They also started stopping vehicles asking for petrol. Unfortunate for them, most of the vehicles passing by were diesel ones. Finally they succeeded; they got a liter of petrol from somebody. Poured it into the thirsty cars throat. You could imagine, single liter of petrol can do nothing with this vehicle.

Question next, two guys has left to fetch fuel. They calculated the time, 8+8 kms by now they should've reached here. Something had happened to them. Can't wait anymore. Go in search of them.

The route to Ooty, as you know are high range roads, climbs and declines. With the available petrol they have to move 25 kms. They decided to push the car, if it goes hard for them start and ride. When they get a slope switch off the vehicle and use the thrust to move. Poor guys, they were pushing the car all the way. They didn't dare to start the car.

They did cover some distance, may be 5-8 kms. They found the jeep, which we people went, parked on the top of a climb. Aslam, the man with heavy guts (He has good athletic body – and always, he lives upto the expectations); walked towards the Jeep. The moment he reached the Jeep, guys inside the Jeep got out and started running. He did run a bit and dropped the idea afterwards as it was pitching dark.

Now they started building stories. Ramiz and me were having money and mobile phones with us. They thought, these peoples have done something on us to rob.

Bushair: - Am not gonna go Areekode now, I would flee rather going Areekode – What the hell will I say to Fasalukka (My Bozz). I would catch the first train to Mumbai.

Aslam:- Hey man, Its all gone – what can we do now? Can we call fasalukka?

Shameer:- Lets not do it now; lets reach Gudallur. We will fill petrol and come back. If no sign of them, then we can call Fasalukka.

And these poor guys where pushing the car all the way to Gudallur. All the time, they were trying us on mobile. Its high range and you cannot expect the Hutch Pug following you all the time. They reached gudallur somehow. 25 kms pushing the car that too in chilling night. They were at ease when they find a slope that was only the relief for them.

They filled petrol, this time enough to take them to Ooty and back. They ride the car all the way to the place where we parked and also a couple of kilometers ahead. They didn't find us at all.

They came back to Gudallur, now they have to call Fasalukka. They were not ready to give up. They decided to go back to Ooty again but this time they would stop at every corner and would get down and search for us. They took the car to the petrol station. All these time nobody had eaten anything.

Suddenly Aslam went missing. Now Shameer got confused, what the heck? Now to search for him also. He just walked some 10 steps. There was one small hotel opened at that time. When he looked inside, he found Aslam sitting there with the posture of an old man sitting at ease.

Shameer asked him 'Why here?'

Aslam: I can't bear with hunger man, so ordered for a light food, just three parottas and beef. Let me complete it, and then we can go'.

Shameer got enraged by this, 'So what you thought, we had our stomachs full. Bloody you better come.'

Shameer pulled him out of the hotel and at that time Aslam tried Ramiz on his cell. We got the call. Rest you know.

There were some late night street side hotels in Nilambur. We had ghee rice and chicken roast from there. Aslam's complaint also got solved.

This is not the only one incident in my much happening life in Areekode. Tons more are there. You could expect that in future blogs. But for now a break.

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Harees Seni said...

People were asking me whether wat ever i scraped here is true. (not thru comments though)

Com'on maan, am bad in writing stories...this is a real incident. Blve me....

I somehow has to get my comrades (Aslam, Shameer, Ramiz and Bushair) read this.. They would be certify the authenticity...