Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two minutes blackout

I really don't know what happened to those two minutes in my life.

It was a Sunday evening and I was supposed to catch a bus to Bangalore at 8.30 PM. Though was busy with the whole days happenings I somehow managed to reach the bus station at 8.20 PM. Thanks to my bro-in-law. He drove the car very skillfully to take me to the bus station on time. All went in vain.

Well the bus is KSRTC Airavath Volvo. And usually the conductor would be scrutinizing the tickets before we board in the bus. On this particular day, I didn't find the conductor at the door steps. Its already 8.25, so I thought of finding my seat first and then show my tickets to the conductor. Mine was seat no 14. I put my baggage in the rack above the seat. I made myself comfortable in my seat.

There comes another guy. He also claims the seat is his. Whaat???. We started arguing. The conductor came and asked us to show the tickets. He examined the other guy's ticket and just returned it back. He then looked at my ticket. A wicked smile appeared on his face. He said, 'Buddy, the seat no is correct and the bus no is the same. But your journey date is tomorrow'.

I just clinched the ticket from him and looked at the date. 'Oh Maaan'…He is right. I really donno what happened next? The baggage was with me and I found myself standing out of the bus station with the tickets in hand. What all can I remember is the laughter of the people inside the bus.

I tried to recall what happened in those two minutes. I really can't get what happened. Two minutes are blank in my life. How I grabbed my bag? How I sallied out of the bus? I really don't know.

Now I called my manager. The worst part was to convince him. He happened to read my blog on morning blues. When I called him, the first question came was 'Did u miss the buss?' Well well am in deep trouble. I was cursing that moment which made me write the post on morning blues. You can't be honest enough on a public blog!!!. Well I somehow convinced him what really happened.

When I reach my home, all were looking at me. I can see the 'wonder' expression on their faces. I explained them the whole happenings. They started laughing. My mamma was concerned whether it would affect my job. My sisters were pacifying me and convincing me that it happens sometimes. My kid nephew was not happy, coz he got to hear me saying 'Write 5 properly on your work book'. (He can't write 5, instead he draws a star).

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Roschelle said...


On the positive side,You gained the following
1.Amazing home cooked food for another day and time with your family
2.Provided variety entertainment to the passengers in the bus even before the normal movie in the bus was aired
3.You have confirmed that there are people reading your blog

What more could you ask for!!!!!