Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guiness Record

Well as everybody in IT do, I also changed my company after 3 years of stint with ITTI. New company, new faces and new enviornment. But what not changed is the work. Start tapping the keyboard the moment you enter the office...ufff. But new challenges, that is what makes the current work interesting.

Well its been 3 months since i made my last post. Thats quite a long gap. From now I should be making atleast one post a month. It seems making promises, wont ever work with me. Hmm..still I will try.
Enough about me, now let me get into what am here for. This time am gonna share with you an interesting real life incident my collegue shared with me. It’s worth writing here, you would be enjoying the post..Again promises!!! And as usual I shall try to make it interesting.

My collegue, is born an bought up in a remote village in Andra Pradesh. He says, those who had a chance to live in villages would have enjoyed the most of their child hood days. I completely agree with him, I treasure the memories of my school vactions at my moms place. I consider those as my best in my life.

My freind lemme call him as HK, is intelligent and is a kind of guy who asks many of the questions when it comes to tasks or working with new technology. One day after the Knowledge Transfer section, he came to me and we were discussing about technology. For some reason we slipped into our childhood days.
In childhood days our Raju was attracted much towards the Doordashan serials like Giant Robot and Guinness Book of world records. He was much particular about the Guinness book. He would not ever miss an episode of it. By seeing all the records created by people, he also wanted to get one on his name. He in fact had spent much time in burning his grey cells to find a much convincing way of getting a record of his own. After examining many options he decided to train a cock(read it as a male hen) to fly. He would be the only guy in the world who has a cock which can fly long distance.

It was festival time in his village. Usually as in any village in South India, they also got the famous Cock fight tournaments.

His neighbor has bought one cock aiming to win such a tournament. It was quite a huge cock, very muscular. Raju targeted this cock. He wanted to train it to fly. It was a vacation time for him, as usual in his villag.e people used to sleep for a while after having lunch. I guess this is a kind of habit for people in every village in India. He decided to use this time to train that cock for his record dream.

HK tried to catch the cock, well, the cock was much difficult to catch and as it is fighter. Our HK got enough from it. Somehow he managed to catch hold of the bird. He went to the terrace of his house, he also took a jute rope to tie the cock. One end of the rope was in his hand and the other end tied on one of the bird’s leg. He dropped the bird from the terrace. The fighter cocks have got a different body shape. Their wings are very short, but the leg and the neck are quite big. Their body fits for a fighter, and they never fly. The poor thing was trying to keep itself floating in air by beating its wings. But the fanning was not enough to keep its weight and literarilly was falling very fast. The rope was not having enough length to touch the ground. The bird was hanging. He pulled it up and repeated the same act for few more time. He was done with a day,s training and was confident that the bird would fly to some distance in a couple of week.

He did the training excersice for 8 days. On ninth day he found it very easy to catch the bird, it was sick and was not even in a position to stand. He decided to do training only two times for the day. This time he have a longer rope. He took the bird to the terrace, he dropped it. It didnt even fanned its wings. It fell very steep, and banged on to the ground. The body of the bird shook for few times and then no movement happend after that. He pulled it up. The bird was dead.

He didnt know what to do. He threw it down again and went downstairs, picked it up and kept it near to a bench in his neighbour’s compound. He was much disappointed, he couldnt reach upto the record. After few hours, he could hear the old granny of the neighbour’s house shouting. She was alleging, somebody had killed it and was showering abuses on the person who would have killed it.

HK also went to the neighbours and aslo joined with those people blaming the guy who had killed the bird.
His record dream ended there, but the thrive to do something different still pesists in him. Amasingly intelligent, he dives deep into every thing he gets. I should say, I found myself in awkard situation sometimes when I was not able to answer his queries.


MFI said...

hey harees u found the right guy.. he will keep you upated as U always love to be

തൂത മുനീര്‍ said...

കൊള്ളാം....ഒരു സിനിമാരംഗം കണ്ട പൊലെയുണ്ട്..ഒരു പക്ഷേ
ശ്രീനിവാസന്‍ സിനിമകളില്‍ കാണുന്ന പോലെ ഒരു ക്ലൈമാക്സും ഈ കഥയില്‍ കാണുന്നു.. കൂട്ടുകാരന്റെ കയ്യിലുള്ള അനുഭവങ്ങളും പാളിച്ചകളും ഇനിയും പോരട്ടെ..