Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curiosity..Should we call it curiosity?

It's another episode of an interesting story on my friend in Hyderabad dearly called as "HK".

Last time I did mentioned how curious he is. He won't rest until he finds a convincing answer for any query he got in mind. The word "Fate" has been pondering his mind for quite a long time. In one of his school classes his teacher mentioned about the fate. In Indian context, we call it as something written by god on the head of every human being. We believe everything happens based on what God has written on our head.

HK wanted to know, what is written on his head or somebody's head. He then heard somebody saying, the fate is written on the skull. He decided to get a skull, and after much effort he got a skull from a nearby crematory. He bought it home. His sister was much scared on seeing the skull. Obviously, the skull is the symbol of danger.

He started analysing it. He even tried to see what was on the skull using the lens also. He was not able to figure out what was written on it. Anyways he was not having any intention to drop it. He kept it in the pooja room. That should be the safest place, coz people seldom go there. He wrapped it in a cloth and kept in a corner of the room.

His mother one day found it. And there was a big hush. Everybody thought somebody has done black magic. They were all discussing to find out who might have done it. But HK's dad is much forward. He didn't take it as a black magic. When all were confused, HK came forward and said it was him who kept it in the room. A neat confession.

Everybody wanted to know why he did it. Some others were eager to know, how he managed to get the skull. HK's dad took him to the room and started questioning. It was not an interrogation, though. HK is a curious guy, his father knows it very well.

Dad: "Where from you got the skull?"

HK: "I got it from the crematory, I bought from the undertaker. I did paid for that too"

Dad: "Hmm..Why do you do that?"

HK: "I wanted to know, what fate is and what is written on his head".

Dad: "Who said to you that fate is written on head?"

HK: "The teacher"

After a small pause

Dad: "It's correct, the fate is written on the head. But you should be forty plus to read it."

HK: " I can't read??!!"

Dad: "Yes, you can't"

HK was not going to leave it that way though.

HK: "You are forty. Read it for me"

His dad got in a trap. He was searching for a way out. He finally said

"One should be a genuine believer of god and shouldn't ever say lie in his life. Only yogi's can do it."

That answer convinced him.

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